Be with us in Poland

Be with us in Poland
ESports is a collective and purely team game. Therefore, it’s not so easy to find information about e-sports in individuals in the Internet press, and even more so about any particular progamer. But we know a lot of simple and convenient ways that will help track the path of players to fame, their ups and downs. Betting on eSports. Bookmakers recognized e-sports as the most promising in their activities. For example, in the spring of 2019, the well-known favorite cyber bet esports was one of the top 3 destinations in the field of sports betting. And we all know very well that in sweepstakes you need to own information, and not rely on luck. Therefore, it is advisable to have more data on the events that take place in bootcamps before the competition, on the achievements and plans of e-sportsmen, and in what form they are. Role Model. If you want to become a famous cybersportsman, then you probably have a favorite who is an inspiring example. And this is very correct - each athlete has his own idol, on which he is equal, on the successes of which he closely follows, on the experience of which he is learning. A story for fans. Being a fan of the esportsman is also pretty good. In the end, e-sports VIPs, millionaires and just the audience’s favorites are truly worthy of respect and respect. We try to quickly cover important events in computer sports and write about all personalities that deserve attention. But we want to share with you other sources of information that may come in handy.
  • Would you like to discover the country of more than a thousand-year-long Christian tradition?
  • Are you in search of a place where you could convey the most important values to your family and children?
  • Is St. John Paul II an authority figure for you?
  • Would you like to come to Poland but you need someone to take care of you and your loved ones during such a trip?
  • Are you  ready to meet extraordinary people?
  • Are you fond of trying new things?
  • Are you fascinated with folklore, culture and traditional art?
  • Would you like to be transferred for a while to the world of noble knights and comely maidens?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you should get acquainted with the offer of BE in PL where you can find information about unforgettable tours around Poland.

Thanks to us you will discover Polish culture and become its great enthusiast. You will visit one of the most beautiful holy places of the old continent. You'll take part in workshops, reconstructions of knightly tournaments and festivals. You will have a chance to explore unspoilt nature and taste original "green" foods of the region. It will be also a unique opportunity to discover the beloved home country of St. John Paul II.

Be in PL is part of the Polish company BD Center Sp. z o.o. operating on the market nationwide and internationally since 2001.

We kindly encourage you to look through our offer and wish you wonderful journeys.
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