The entire range of workshops to choose from

The entire range of workshops to choose from

During your stay in Poland we can organise attractive workshops especially for you and your loved ones. The thematics, intensity and scope of activities are entirely up to you.

We will match your current progress to your preferences. All the workshops take place in a friendly, intimate atmosphere under the watchful eye of professional instructors. Both adults and children can take part in these classes.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Polish language lessons
  • sword fighting classes
  • photography workshops (topics to choose from: nature, castles, portraits)
  • decoupage classes
  • creating original jewellery
  • pottery workshops
  • classes in carpentry
  • horse riding lessons
  • creating ornaments of felt
  • knitting workshops
  • dance classes (folk dancing included)
  • Polish cuisine (and there: dumplings, duck with apples, pork knuckle in beer, red beetroot soup)
  • learning embroidery
  • wickerwork workshops

Perhaps you have something to add? We'll be pleased to organise it for you.